Las Vegas Show Bands

Las Vegas Show Bands and Corporate Entertainment

DLE Las Vegas show bands are highly talented corporate entertainment with years of experience performing at Las Vegas conventions and other corporate events around the world as well as high-end weddings. The Las Vegas show bands seen on this page make hiring DLE corporate entertainment easy! The most in-demand non-headliner corporate entertainment is here at DLE such as the premier 80s cover band The DLE Las Vegas 80s Tribute Band and Las Vegas show bands like the super-high energy WQL, Starstruck and The SC Show Band, longtime corporate client favorites like The Zippers and L.A. All Stars along with our L.A. 80s tribute bands and Beverly Hills cover bands. The Las Vegas 80s cover bands, South Florida show bands and Southern California show bands seen below are part of the reason why DLE is the #1-ranked corporate entertainment agency on the Internet. With attrition and with all the changes to the industry since 2008, fewer and fewer quality show bands are available. Of those that are still performing, we believe we have the finest corporate entertainment (as our clients will atest to). The key to these bands’ success? Keeping their performances at a high energy level and staying “current”, song-wise. Our show bands can also provide choreographed dancers as per the client’s request. However, we work hard at keeping the costs of these groups down for our corporate event clients, so the emphasis has been away from expanded versions. Most of our show bands have reduced their rates for our clients with the economy what it is. Booking corporate entertainment is our speciality. Watch these bands’ videos by clicking their individual photos. To book a DLE show band, a variety dance band or an 80s cover band, go to our Contact page, fill out the required fields and ask us about the availability and pricing of one or more of these outstanding corporate dance bands, then hit the “SEND”.

To play the band videos on this page, please click their respective photos. For more Las Vegas Show Bands not seen on this page, please contact DLE


Corporate entertainment just got hot with Starstruck (a 7 to 12-piece)–the ultimate corporate dance band! They can provide either a three-set Decades Show (70s, 80s and 90s to Current) complete with fabulous costume changes for each decade or they can do a 4-set performance mixing 70s Disco to 80s and 90s with Current covers replete with a dinner set of pop ballads and standards for a spectacular night of corporate entertainment! Their 12-piece features 4 outstanding female vocalists, a terrific male lead vocalist and three horns. The Band has headlined at The MGM Macao. They perform throughout Southern California including Los Angeles and Beverly Hills as well as Hawaii, Las Vegas, West Palm Beach, Lake Tahoe and anywhere in the U.S., Canada, Asia, Europe, Tahiti and in the Bahamas. Their 2013 video (featuring a variety of sizes, front lines and costumes) is awesome–enjoy!


Showcasing corporate entertainment at the highest level, the top high energy show band in America, WQL features one of the most in-demand male lead vocalist-performers on the show band scene along with two fabulous female vocalists, a built-in DJ and terrific backline musicians. They are a highly choreographed, fun show band that provides the finest in corporate entertainment and is also a favorite of our high-end wedding clients. WQL performs for corporate events as well as high-end weddings all over the U.S. including Beverly Hills, Hawaii, Las Vegas, West Palm Beach as well as internationally including Canada, Japan and Australia.

DLE Las Vegas 80s Tribute Band

For corporate entertainment events or wedding receptions, the 5-piece powerhouse The DLE Las Vegas 80s Tribute Band is THE top 80s tribute band in America providing our clients with a dazzling, fun, high energy dance show! A terrific audience participation band, they’ve performed for corporate entertainment events at Angel’s Stadium, House of Blues, Pala Casino, A&E Television Network and a host of other private and club events for companies and municipalities such as IBM, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, City of Anaheim and a host of others. They are blessed with terrific male AND female lead vocals and both were in the top 100 contestants on American Idol and X-Factor (from a combined pool of 450,000 auditions) and have spent time on major record label rosters. The DLE Las Vegas 80s Tribute Band is capable of covering nearly EVERY popular song from the 80s such as Madonna, Journey, The Fixx, Depeche Mode, Modern English, Berlin, Van Halen, INXS, Paula Abdul, KC & the Sunshine Band, Starpoint, Prince, Billy Squire, Debbie Deb, Michael Jackson and many, many more. Unlike most other 80s tribute bands, they don’t use tracks for keyboards. They are an 80s show band with an array of hot costumes (doing costume changes between sets) featuring a very active front line. They can add choreographed dancers as per the client’s request. Their 2014 promo video is available on request. The DLE Las Vegas 80s Tribute Band performs in Las Vegas, throughout Southern California and the U.S. including Beverly Hills weddings and are available in Canada, Europe and Asia.

The Zippers

One of the country’s favorite in corporate entertainment, The Zippers (a 7 to 16-piece) perform virtually any dance style from big band Swing to Current covers, all with terrific vocals and vocal harmony. Their costumes (which they can change between sets) are eye catching and perfect for any event. They “customize” their performances for each corporate event; not coincidentally, they are one of the best convention bands in the country. “The best in corporate entertainment” describes The Zippers perfectly! The Zippers perform in Los Angeles, San Diego, Palm Springs, Lake Tahoe, Santa Barbara, West Palm Beach, Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, Hawaii (including Maui), Las Vegas and San Francisco and anywhere in the U.S., Canada, in the Bahamas and Australia. The video showcased here features their 14-piece (with a 4-female vocalist and 1 male lead vocalist front line) performing “live” before 2,000 guests at a corporate event in June 2012.

L.A. All Stars

Corporate entertainment reaches a new zenith when the 8 to 20-piece L.A. All Stars Show Band are on stage! Replete with outstanding front-line choreography, hot lead vocals and vocal harmony, a tight horn section, L.A. All Stars perform all styles of dance music to perfection and are one of the premier corporate entertainment bands in the U.S. L.A. All Stars travel throughout the U.S. including Hawaii, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, Denver, West Palm Beach, Miami, Seattle and into Canada and the Bahamas.

The PS Show Band

One of the top corporate entertainment bands on the East Coast, The PS Show Band

is an 8 to 12-piece, high energy, multi-faceted group that performs a Rock Legends Show (they are terrific sound-alikes) along with continuous music, mixed cover performances involving audience participation and instrument exchange. If there is one adjective to best describe this group, it is “fun!” They enjoy performing and are exceptionally talented at it! As with all DLE show bands, they can do costume changes and custom tailor their performances to the clients’ needs. As one of the premier show bands on the East Coast, they play a wide variety of styles including Salsa and other Latin rhythms. They perform at sites along the East Coast including South Florida but they also perform in Las Vegas, Hawaii, Los Angeles as well as Canada, in the Bahamas and in other countries.

Picture of The SC Show Band
The SC Show Band

One of the exciting show bands in California, The SC Show Band features a choreographed front line, continuous dance covers going into long sets (which is ideal for dancers), outstanding lead vocalists and vocal harmony and a great back line–all in a high-energy package! The 7-piece (no horns) features the three female vocalists and the 4-piece back-line. The 9-piece features 2 horns and the 10-piece, 3 horns. The Band performs in L.A., San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Hawaii, South Florida, Canada, Tahiti and Asia. Please ask for the link to their video. The photo here shows the female front line at a Halloween party in 2012.

Unbranded Show Band

And still more fabulous corporate entertainment to offer our clients! Unbranded Show Band (a 7 to 15-piece), is a high energy dance band with three female vocalists and two male lead vocalists (in its 11-piece and larger sizes) and outstanding musicians in the backline. They offer front-line choreography and costume changes. Unbranded Show Band is available in Hawaii, Las Vegas, Northern and Southern California and anywhere in the U.S., Canada as well as Asia and Europe.

Picture of The L Band
The L Band

One of the great show bands in the U.S. for many years, The L Band (a 8 to 11-piece) is an “international” band, touring the world every year and playing both world original dance songs (with a sitar added, as heard on the three mp3 tracks below) as well as 40s to Current covers. Their costume changes are unique and dazzling. They have a wide selection of live videos available. This high energy audience participation band provides terrific lead vocals and vocal harmony. The L Band is available in Palm Springs, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, San Francisco, across the U.S., Canada, Europe and on any continent.

JB and the PMs

The top show band in the Midwest is, in our opinion, JB and the PMs (6 to 10-piece). They perform a wide range of styles from Swing to Current pop. The female lead vocalist is a dynamic performer on stage with an excellent voice. Tight horns, drumming, lead guitar and keyboards round out this superb group. They have many different costumes and themes and are a well-choreographed group. Themes are their specialty as they can do a 50s, 60s, 70s or 80s retro themed performance or a combination of some or all of these. This is an “audience participation” band par excellence. They drive in all production for events in Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus and other large Midwest cities and getaway sites, saving their clients the cost of renting that equipment. They are available in Florida as well as in Las Vegas, Hawaii and Canada.


Many of our Las Vegas show bands have well-choreographed front lines, and ISB’s (an 8 to 12-piece) is one of the best in the business. They feature a dynamic and beautiful female lead vocalist and a superb male lead vocalists along with two other male lead vocalist-musicians and a talented backline. They can do costume changes, going from formal to a “blues” look, etc. Their 8-piece features two horns and they can go to a four horn, 3 front line vocalist format in the 12-piece version. They travel anywhere in the U.S. including San Francisco, Las Vegas, Denver, Chicago, Miami, Canada, Europe and Asia.


A talented corporate dance show band, PDB (an 8 to 10-piece) does costume changes as per request of their clients and has excellent choreography. Their male lead vocalist is very active on stage. They are outstanding funk and soul band that also plays Current covers, Disco and 80s covers. PDB performs is available in all 50 states as well as internationally.

Picture of The SD Band
The SD Band

One of the country’s most entertaining corporate dance show bands, The SD Band features a high energy front line with 2 outstanding male vocalists and a female vocalist who can bring down the house (She is also a TV and movie actress). They provide exceptional vocal harmony. The Band can provide a variety of costume changes. This is one of our most economical show bands starting as a 6-piece and going as large as a 9 or 10-piece. They’re available in Los Angeles, San Diego, Palm Springs, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Santa Fe and Lake Tahoe. Please inquire about their excellent video.

The S Band-L.A.

DLE offers outstanding 70s and 80s tribute show bands and The S Band-L.A. is one of them. With gifted and very high energy front line lead vocalists, this 4-piece headliner band entertains like no other 80s tribute band! They’ve done on a Comcast commercial and have performed for events at Celebrities’ estates as well as The White House. They are in reality 5 to 6 S Bands–one in each of the following U.S. cities: Seattle, one in Salt Lake City, Chicago, Austin, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Featured below is an abbreviated version of the headliner The S Band-L.A.’s TV video. The Los Angeles version has in our opinion the most talented lead vocalist of all The S Bands. Due to their very high energy performance, this is a 3-set only band. A preheat dinner set of mp3 tracks is available at no extra charge to complete a 4-hour period. The Band’s local area is anywhere in Southern California. They’re also available in Hawaii, Las Vegas, Reno, Sacramento, San Francisco and across the U.S.

Picture of The DLE Southern California Steel Drum Party Band
The DLE Southern California Steel Drum Party Band

A 7 to 18-piece corporate show band (with dancers), The DLE Southern California Steel Drum Party Band is absolutely the best steel drum band in the U.S. They have superb male and female vocals and vocal harmony. Their “Day-O” singer is unique. We’ve heard that song sung over the years, but this bass vocalist “nails” that low note at the end! At the end of a special event with this exceptional band, it’s truly “the perfect finish”! The Band’s “island music” includes Calypso, Reggae and Soca. Not only is the Band (in our opinion) the best steel drum band in the country, they play virtually any style of dance music including 40s Swing, 50s Rock, 60s, 70s Disco, 80s, 90s and even some Current covers. But their island music is unmatched. Their costumes are sensational including their Carnaval, Star Wars and other themed costumes. One of the best “audience participation” and truly “fun” bands that we offer, the Band’s dancers lead dancing guests in the Conga Line, the Jamaican Butterfly and the Electric Slide. Their Caribbean Dance Show, with 3 to 5 added dancers, is a 30 to 35-minute exciting and colorful extravaganza of Carnaval characters as well as fire limbo dancers and fire eaters. The below “live” tracks showcase variations of the 7-piece on mp3 audio, and we can also provide video clips of the Band “live” at events. They are available anywhere in California and throughout the U.S. and Canada.